Creative Portfolio

I pride myself on being a expert in all things digital design, on the bleeding edge of new technology partnering with my customers to allow us to keep pushing boundries and offering uniquely fresh digital experiences. Full time freelance digital creator. If its digital, I can make it. 3D Modelling, 3D Animation, Product Rendering, Asset Optimisation for Web Digital Artwork, Promotional Videos, Posters and any 2D Print Creatives. Music & Event Big Screen Visuals. Television and Online Adverts. Music Production. Online Marketing, Digital Advertising & Planning. Let me come up with the ideas and execute them for you. Degree in Music production, High level skills in Mastering, Mixing, Songwriting, Song Structure, Sound Design, Synthesis, Sound FX, Web Design and Coding, HTML, CSS, C#, php On the bleeding edge of AI Tech (Image Generators, Language Models, API intergration, self-hosted ai bots, custom ai bots, AI Strategy)